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Image: Lucia Hierro - El Costo de la Vida -Independent Art Fair - LatchKey Gallery

NATALIE KATES: Where does the name Skewville come from?

AD DEVILLE OF SKEWVILLE: The term was first coined when my older brother came to visit me and Droo's new crooked house back in 1996. He filmed himself walking in the door for the first time.  While welcoming him in and walking down

the warped hallway I said " Welcome to Skewville".

NK: What museum if any would you like to have your work shown at?

AD: Your living room wall.

NK: Your body of work consists of paintings, silkscreened prints and sculpture, which do you prefer if any?

AD:  My answer is D. None of the above.

NK: If you could pick any wall to graffiti, tag or throw- up which would it be?

AD: Your other living room wall.

NK: Some of your work reflects a Brooklyn pride. Can you elaborate on this?

AD:  It was always a Tri-Boro pride, BK is now just where I'm at.

Skewville  repped "Queens" hard when i lived there knowing that borough gets no respect. And then living in the LES gave me a better sense of being a real New Yorker, especially when they jacked the rents and I forced to the only borough left, ( sorry Bronx and Staten Island).

NK: What are three words that define your artistic style?

AD: "Fuck"  "Street"  "Art"

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