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Image: Artist Damian Aquiles site specific sculpture at Core Club curated by Natalie Kates

Studio visit with Curtis William Readel


  Success has shifted from subjective ideas of comfort and happiness to more quantifiable pretenses of personal image and the material. Standards of wealth are being formulated by our superficial relationship to those around us, causing people to desire more from doing less.  Our need to cling to a material representation of wealth has created an unbalanced power system in which financial security is utilized as a means for personal exploitation.

          Reflecting and responding to my personal interactions with money and success, realities of economic standing and the hidden truths of maintaining a veil of financial normalcy, I construct visual criticisms on power, consumptive greed, and the absurdity within our current social evaluations of wealth and accomplishment.  My desire for money has led me to use it in my work; from referencing images to using actual currency, the process is one of obsession and toil.  The money that passes through our hands is the new master in our lives and through printed matter I create semi-satiric, political commentaries.  The imagery illustrates the various complications in relation to my own reservations and struggles, along with distorted views dealing with wealth and success.

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