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Image: Artist Damian Aquiles site specific sculpture at Core Club curated by Natalie Kates

Studio visit with Ed Baynard

The work of Ed Baynard is at once contemporary and classical. Apart from the Western inclination to treat flat surfaces in such a way as to create a false sense of dimensional space, Baynard manages to retain a simplicity of form inspired by a love of Japanese Woodblock prints. Born in Washington, D.C. in 1940, and currently living and working in New York City, Ed Baynard has become legendary through his elegant watercolors and unique printing techniques. His new works reflect the same poetry of his earlier paintings, retaining his stylized compositions and their Oriental calm, along with a new sense of rhythm and movement. Baynard uses familiar themes such as flowers, plants, pots, and vases, incorporating them into his delicate watercolor still lifes, thus creating stunning visual feasts.