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Image: Lucia Hierro - El Costo de la Vida -Independent Art Fair - LatchKey Gallery


As a multi-media artist, I am driven by my desire to locate myself. I attempt to trace the boundaries of my persona in order to determine where I begin and where I end. The new technologies revolution has placed us in a universal predicament; we occur in simultaneous planes of existence, more various than at any other time in history. We co-exist in the virtual world, disassociated from our own bodies, fragmented.
My work is a reflection on the construction of identity, personal memories, collective history and cultural heritage in the digital age - how they are created, perceived and restricted by the physical limitations of the body in time and space. I approach the question from an anthropological and sociological perspective, looking at the changes but also the similarities between physical and virtual world; translating the codes and behaviors from one world to the other; exploring how our humanity and emotions reflect on the virtual sphere and, on the other hand, what happen when the virtual world "gets physical".
Each piece combines both physical and virtual elements, acting as a point of convergence between the two worlds. I decontextualize everyday-life objects, cultural symbols and behaviors from the physical world and pair them with elements, codes and practices unique to the Internet and social media world. Viewers enter a safe and simple environment they can easily relate to and connect emotionally, surrounded by familiar objects, whimsical imagery and participatory components to engage them in a dialogue fed by their personal subjective experience.