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Image: Lucia Hierro - El Costo de la Vida -Independent Art Fair - LatchKey Gallery


Bio: Brooklyn born artist Joseph Grazi graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC in 2006. He has since exhibited widely throughout NYC, with recent solo shows at (Art) Amalgamated and Joseph Gross Gallery. In addition to being included in major international collections, Grazi has been featured in widespread publications like Interview and Relapse Magazine . Grazi currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Artist Statement: Grazi utilizes a wide variety of media such as taxidermied animals, acrylics, wood and other materials, compositionally designed to neutralize fear through order and arrangement. Animal and human skulls, bones and taxidermied bats are only some of the elements that, when put together, can trigger fright and relief at the same time. His goal is to alleviate the most ancient fears through acknowledgment of individual power and control in the hope that such acknowledgment can lead to a better understanding of our place in the natural world.